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Late for the train?

Just go on and I LOCK IT secures your bike.

When you return I LOCK IT will automatically unlock for you because it identifies you.

All of this happens without the search for your keys and the time consuming mounting of a bike lock.

Relax carefree in your coffee shop

I LOCK IT scares thieves off with an alarm and informs you on your smartphone.

Your bike stays where it is and you can enjoy your coffee.

Simply controlled with the I LOCK IT App

Your Smartphone is the key to I LOCK IT.

Use the I LOCK IT App to control I LOCK IT and adjust it to your wishes.

Imagine your bike lock...

  • secures your bike fully automatically

  • works keyless

  • has a alarm to scare thieves off

Frequently asked questions

How secure is I LOCK IT?

I LOCK IT offers a multilevel security, which is worldwide unique. Robust materials and a though locking bolt are complemented by an integrated alarm system and theft notifications to your smartphone. This increases the security immense.

How does the automatic locking and unlocking work?

I LOCK IT communicates via Bluetooth with your smartphone and uses the connection to control the automatic locking and unlocking. If you approach your bike I LOCK IT will unlock automatically and once you leave your bike it will lock it again.

How do I unlock I LOCK IT when my smartphone battery is empty?

I LOCK IT offers several possibilities for locking and unlocking. Therefore, an empty smartphone battery is no problem. In this case you can open I LOCK IT with your personal color code. Also, the I LOCK IT key fob offers the possibility to control I LOCK IT without a smartphone but with the same comfort.

How does I LOCK IT protect my bike against someone carrying it away?

In case of a theft attempt I LOCK IT sets off a loud alarm. This raises the attention of passersby and scares the thieve away. Additionally, you will immediately receive a theft notification on your smartphone.

How long does the I LOCK IT battery last?

The integrated rechargeable battery last up to seven months. When the battery is running low, I LOCK IT and the I LOCK IT App will inform you ahead of time. You can then easily recharge I LOCK IT through the integrated micro-USB port, for example with a powerbank.

Will I LOCK IT fit my bike?

If I LOCK IT will fit your bike, you can check out our fitting page and download a model of I LOCK IT. You will get additional information about how to mount I LOCK IT on your bike and what you can do if your bike does not offer the mounting points. Directly download the model.

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