Smart bike lock with Bluetooth

Opening and closing the bike costs time and nerves.

A comfortable and keyless solution like cars would be a relief for any cyclist. Above all, Smart Locks reliably protect against theft, thanks to an integrated alarm.

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Automatic opening and closing as you wish.


With I LOCK IT your bike is well protected thanks to its integrated alarm.


The smartphone is the digital key to your bike lock.

Keyless control via smartphone

The intelligent bicycle lock I LOCK IT is operated by smartphone. With the I LOCK IT App on your smartphone, you create a secure Bluetooth connection to the bicycle lock.

In addition, there are numerous settings, so you always have everything in view. As soon as you are in the vicinity, I LOCK IT always connects itself with your smartphone. The I LOCK IT App only has to be started once.

A comfortably controlled bicycle lock allows more freedom and fun. I LOCK IT sets new standards in bicycle safety. The I LOCK IT app is compatible with iPhones version 4S and with Android devices version 4.4 or higher.

Smart Lock: automatic security for your bike

With the digital key - your smartphone - I LOCK IT opens and closes completely by itself. The fully automatic Smart Lock function is unique in the world for bicycle locks, offering maximum comfort. Use the numerous setting options in the I LOCK IT App and adjust the distance to open and close.

The innovative Smart Lock function makes your everyday bike life more comfortable and reliably protects your bike from theft.

Intelligent protected with alarm

The integrated alarm system is a loud anti-theft device. With 110dB every thief is scared and your bike stops where you want it.

Safety is paramount. Therefore, in addition to the triggered alarm, you will also be notified immediately on your smartphone when someone is bothering you with your bike.

It is important that you are within Bluetooth range of the bicycle lock. So you have the opportunity to act immediately.

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