Smart Bike Lock - innovative security for your bike

Bike safety is experiencing a new kind with innovative Smart Lock functions Dimension. Your everyday bike life is more convenient - because the key search eliminated. Your bike is more reliable from theft-protected technologies connect, new safety functions arise.

A smart bike lock is trendy. We show you which electronic Features Make your bike lock more comfortable and safer.

Self-closing and keyless unlocking

Smart bike locks can do without the conventional key. By the connection to a smartphone app opens and closes the digital Bike lock. This is done either manually by pressing a button on the smartphone or directly at the lock, or fully automatically without another handgrip. As if by magic. Behind it is usually the Bluetooth technology, the smart bike lock and your smartphone reliable and z.T. contactless combines.

With numerous setting options in an app you can customize Example the distance to open and close and when an automatic Operation should take place. Gain the maximum comfort for your everyday life ideal.

This comfortable and keyless solution as with cars is a relief for every cyclist. By controlling the smart bike lock via app on You always have your digital key with you on the smartphone, and you have to, ever after lock model do not even get out of pocket. One or more messed up Keys in the jacket pocket are a thing of the past. Often leave several bicycle locks can also be controlled with one app, so with one device all fuses are serviced. Smart Bike Lock

Alarm through integrated motion sensors

Another really useful extension is alarm systems that are located right in the Bike lock are installed. With an alarm, her bike is smart with thieves protected. Due to the surprise effect and the high volume of the alarm thieves are interrupted by your project.

You will also receive an instant notification on your smartphone the attempted theft. So you are always informed in real time and need yourself less worried about your bike. If it is a false alarm, there There are usually different ways to end this: right on the castle or by Control on the smartphone. To reduce the false alarm rate comes smart Motion sensors are used. Some of the smart bike locks then distinguish between a genuine theft attempt due to persistent Shocks and minor shocks, caused by e.g. a ball. This Smart Lock Function helps to alert passers-by to a real theft attempt and you will only be informed in case of emergency.

Tracking - Find your bike

For bike lovers with a high safety standard GPS solutions are good suitable. If a GPS tracker is installed directly in the frame lock, for example Probability very high, that this is not recognized by the thief and therefore also not removed. The location accuracy for a stolen wheel is one to ten meters. The quality, the battery performance and the range of functions currently vary but still strong, so a comparison before buying is worthwhile.

Combining mechanical and electronic security

Moreover, the mechanical protection must not fade into the background. The selection materials, such as hardened steel and robust plastics, meet the same high safety criteria for the smart bicycle lock, as with his classic representative. Therefore, pay attention to high quality processed Materials if you buy a smart bike lock. The Smart Lock functions such as the alarm, the GPS tracking or the automatic mode serve as additional Protection and increase the comfort.

In addition, also pay attention to the battery performance. The more Functions a smart bike lock has installed, the higher are the Battery performance requirements. Many Smart Lock functions consume too correspondingly much energy. Therefore, in order not to lose comfort pay attention long battery life and energy saving options.

Upgrade your bike or e-bike with a digital bike lock, increase You protect your bike. Thieves do not just need mechanical protection but also the electronic protection: alarm system, GPS trackers and smart networked devices make it almost impossible for the thieves!

The bicycle lock I LOCK IT combines many of these Smart Lock functions and is for designed the highest safety standard.



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