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A secure bicycle lock is an essential means of protection against theft. But if you want to go one step further, for the Bicycle GPS tracker are interesting.

Here are compact information about it and what you should consider in the topic.

Bicycle GPS solutions

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is a global navigation satellite system for positioning. It allows the determination of the current position in real time. Meanwhile, this method has established itself as the world's most important location method and is widely used in navigation systems.

With a Bike GPS Tracker there is the possibility to locate the location of his bike after a theft, or to record the route, for example. Bicycle GPS therefore offers a useful theft prevention.

Bicycle GPS tracker - functionality

A GPS Tracker is equipped with a module called a GPS receiver to determine the current position. In addition, a GSM module is also installed (Global System for Mobile Communication). This is done via the mobile network, an exchange of data. The bike GPS Tracker then communicates with you, so to speak. This is done manually, that is, you send a request and receive an answer.

The other option is the automated version. In this case the bike sends you GPS Tracker at a pre-defined time, e.g. once an hour, an automatic answer about the current location.

You will then usually receive the coordinates or a Google Maps link via SMS, via app or by e-mail.

Range of Bicycle GPS Tracker

The accuracy of GPS receivers and GMS modules varies from ten to one meter. However, similar to Bluetooth or WLAN, the transmitted signal can be restricted, which reduces the accuracy. This is the case, for example, with reinforced concrete walls.

Attachment and use of bicycle GPS tracker

1. Integration of GPS trackers in bicycle locks

The desire for a GPS tracker function is mainly due to an increased safety claim. In a bicycle theft, the hope is great to find the bike with the help of the tracker. But especially with higher-priced bicycles, such as e-bikes, the bicycle thefts are organized and carried out very professionally. Unfortunately, a GPS tracking system is quickly identified, removed and therefore useless, because your own bike can not be located. So it does not make sense to mount it on the bike but to hide it. This can be done on the one hand, a fixed frame lock, for example, a taillight or hidden in the seat post done.

I LOCK IT is not yet equipped with a GPS Tracker, but still offers excellent theft prevention. Robust materials, clever accessories and an integrated alarm system make it difficult for bicycle thieves to steal your bike. In addition, with I LOCK IT you have the option of determining your position. The development of I LOCK IT with GPS Tracker is currently in full swing. However, many tests are still needed to give you a reliable and safe product.

2. Other possibilities of use

With GPS trackers not only bikes can be equipped. Basically, any valuable item can be equipped with a GPS tracker. These are then different than bike GPS tracker multifunctional and compact.

It can be protected, among other things:

  • Vehicles of any kind
  • Valuables such as suitcase
  • Children or people with dementia
    (but the person must agree!)

Types of bicycle GPS tracker

• The GPS position is stored in an internal memory

• The route can be retrospectively evaluated on the computer using software

• No navigation is possible while driving

• Location of your bike possible

• For tracking or positioning your bike

• Receive the exact location via app, SMS / phone call or email by direct request

• Geofencing possible - If your bike leaves a designated area, you will be notified

• There are running costs and the handling can be more complicated

• Partial additional functions such as alarm system

How much does a bike GPS tracker cost?

The cost of a bike GPS tracker are usually from 120 euros upwards. In addition, depending on the choice of the GPS bike tracker, there are still monthly costs for the SIM card.

Basically, you should pay attention to certain points when buying, since quality and function differences are given depending on the model:

  • Function type (with / without SIM card)
  • battery life: 1 to 90 days.
  • Splash protection: Constant rain should not bother the Bike GPS Tracker.
  • Geofencing: Alerts when the bike leaves a designated zone.
  • SOS emergency button: Depending on requirements, an emergency contact can be stored, which is informed when the button is pressed.

What is the location determinations of I LOCK IT doing?

The location provides some useful features for your bike. When traveling to a foreign environment, it can happen that the orientation is lost. Then the question arises:

"Where did I park my bike exactly?" Or even if friends and family share their bike, it is extremely helpful to know exactly where the bike was parked.

I LOCK IT uses the location of your smartphone to determine the location of your bike. As soon as you turn off your bike and close I LOCK IT, the GPS coordinates of your smartphone are used by the bike for the last parking position and stored in the I LOCK IT app .

With the I LOCK IT App, you can easily determine the last location of your bike. In addition, the position can be passed on to friends and family.



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