• What happens if my smartphone battery is dead?

If your smartphone runs out of battery you can always unlock I LOCK IT with your personal color code.

  • What if I lose my phone while riding?

At your next stop I LOCK IT will acoustically let you know that the Bluetooth connection to your phone is missing. This way you can ride back and search for your phone.

  • How long does the battery last?

The built-in battery will last at least six months. In case the battery runs low, the I LOCK IT app will notify you ahead of time. This way you can easily recharge it trough the micro-USB port.

  • At which distance will it lock and unlock?

The distance for locking and unlocking is depending on many different factors. For example, what kind of smartphone you are using. That’s why the I LOCK IT app lets you customize the distance to your personal preference.

  • Can I use I LOCK IT without a smartphone?

Yes, you can. With our special key fob, you can use I LOCK IT completely independent of a smartphone.

  • Could it lock while riding?

No, it can not. We’ve included several sensors into I LOCK IT, which make sure it will never lock while you are riding your bike. The sensors work independent of each other, so even if one sensor fails normal function can still be guaranteed.

  • Does I LOCK IT come with GPS?

I LOCK IT uses the GPS of your smartphone to save the last position you left your bike at. This way you will always find your bike again. GPS tracking in case your bike gets stolen is not possible because it would require a mobile connection with extra fees and the battery would need constant recharging.

  • How secure is I LOCK IT?

Compared to conventional bike locks I LOCK IT is very safe. It’s not only built out of strong and durable materials but also offers theft notifications and a built-in alarm system to scare thieves away and keep your bike safe.

  • What happens if I just walk past my bike?

If you are near your bike I LOCK IT will unlock. Now if you keep walking I LOCK IT will lock again. With I LOCK IT your bike will always be locked, when you are not around.

  • Why should I buy I LOCK IT instead of another bluetooth bike lock?

I LOCK IT is the only automatic bike lock. This means you don’t have to do anything to lock and unlock your bike. No buttons to press and no handles to pull. I LOCK IT offers the perfect combination of security and comfort.

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