Protect your bike with an alarm

Cars are equipped with an alarm system as standard. For motorcycles and houses you can easily retrofit. On their own bike, which has cost a lot of money, alarm systems are so far rather unusual protective companions and are usually not standard equipment. In bicycle shops you are usually offered a heavy and massive bike lock, ideally with the highest level of security.

In Germany, thieves steal around 300,000 bicycles a year. The number of unreported cases is much higher. Worst of all, the level of enlightenment is extremely low and not even one in ten thefts is cleared up. Among them are usually bicycles with supposedly expensive and high quality bicycle locks. Once thieves have chosen your bike and have time to crack the lock, the expensive investment is gone.

Even high-priced e-bikes are very popular for stealing, but even the supposedly old lovers pieces are not safe from theft. In bicycle theft different motivations play a role. On the one hand, offenders act very organized, even across national borders. According to ADFC statistics, around 30 percent of all bicycle thefts go back to casual offenders. Take a quick trip to the bank and the bike is gone.

A bicycle theft is a very annoying thing, which is associated with costs and time. In addition, thieves also like to steal bicycle accessories. Although the accessories are usually inexpensive to replace, yet it is no joy to have to go home without a bicycle saddle. It is therefore important to implement all measures against effective theft protection. A bicycle lock with alarm provides combined safety at a high level.

How does a bicycle lock with alarm work?

Thieves like dark places where few passers-by are. The tools to crack a lock are handy and fast. An expensive lock alone does not guarantee safety 100 percent. An alarm system on the bicycle is therefore ideal to enhance the protection by a high-quality bicycle lock yet.

Ideally, an alarm system on the bicycle will deter potential thieves from attempting theft. An alarm system obviously attached to the bicycle contributes to the fact that the potential thief assesses his chances of being successful as too low and ignores theft from the outset.

If the thief still tries on the bicycle, a 110 dB loud alarm sounds from I LOCK IT. I LOCK IT is equipped with integrated motion sensors that monitor all the movements of your bike around the clock. If a bicycle thief tamper with your bike or tries to carry it off, the alarm sounds for 30 seconds. With further manipulation, the alarm continues, so that the bicycle thief is continuously disturbed in his project and eventually abandons it.

Only the volume of the alarm has a very high deterrent potential. The alarm starts abruptly and without warning and bothers the thief to calmly focus on his theft attempt. Passersby are made aware of the events in the area and the bicycle theft is no longer in the secret. And attention is the last thing a perpetrator needs.

Due to the combination of the bicycle lock with integrated alarm and a smartphone app, you will receive an instant message to your connected smartphone. This puts you on the safe side when someone is unauthorized on your bike and tries to steal it. It is important that you are in reception range.Bike Lock with Alarm anti theft

I LOCK IT is the complete set: Bicycle lock with alarm

With I LOCK IT, the safety of the bike increases significantly. Thanks to its clever design, it is suitable for different situations and meets the highest safety standards. On the one hand, the lock secures the bike during short stops and is extremely comfortable in its operation. The intelligent bicycle lock is constructed with robust materials and is very resistant to frequently used theft methods. Combined with the plug-in cable or the plug-in chain, secure the bike to solid objects so that the bike is safely connected when parked for a long time.

The integrated bicycle alarm system supports the security function enormously. As a result, I LOCK IT meets the highest safety standards and helps your bike stay with you!

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