A bicycle alarmsystem or a bicycle lock with alarm: Protect your bike!

Cars are equipped with an alarm system as standard and you can easily retrofit them on motorcycles and houses. On your own bike, which is dear to you and dear, alarm systems are so far rather unusual protection companion and are usually not standard equipment.

A bicycle alarmsystem – upgrade is worthwhile

A bicycle theft is a very annoying thing, which is associated with costs and time. In addition, thieves also like to steal bicycle accessories. Although the accessories are usually inexpensive to replace, yet it is no joy to have to go home without a bicycle saddle. It is therefore important to implement all measures for effective anti-theft protection.

Up to now, the only protection provided by a classic bicycle lock is complemented by an alarm system on the bicycle. Bicycle thieves - especially the pros - do not stop at bike locks, which they have cracked many times before. The experience gives them the security to be able to steal the bike within a very short time. So if you're unlucky, and the thief picks his own bike, then the chances are very bad. The commercial protection is therefore obsolete and should be supplemented by an alarm system necessarily.Bike Lock with Alarm anti theft

There are these types

Basically, two variants are different: an external and an internally mounted alarm system.

External bicycle alarm systems are small devices that are mounted on the bike. Ideally, these are small, handy and can be mounted inconspicuously.

The internal version combines bicycle locks with alarm. For thieves almost unrecognizable. A bike lock with alarm provides a high level of combined safety.

With minimal movement, a loud alarm sound of up to 110dB is triggered up to 30 seconds. Comparable is this volume with a chainsaw or a rock concert. As a result, unmistakable for the thief and passers-by! Once the alarm is over, the alarm will usually sound again should the bicycle theft again try its luck. However, if it was an accidental shock, then the alarm goes off after the individual time has expired. The bicycle alarm can be switched off prematurely by opening the lock, entering a code or confirming in the app (depending on the model).

Why should I equip my bike with an alarm system?

  1. Alarm scares the thief
  2. Real-Time notification on your smartphone
  3. Passers will hear the loud alarm sound

In Germany, thieves steal around 300,000 bicycles a year. The number of unreported cases is much higher. Worst of all, the level of enlightenment is extremely low, and not even one in ten is stolen. Among them are usually bicycles with supposedly expensive and high quality bicycle locks. Once thieves have chosen your bike and the time to crack the lock, the expensive investment is gone.

Especially high-priced e-bikes are very popular for stealing, but even the supposedly old collector's items are not safe from theft. In bicycle theft different motivations play a role. On the one hand, offenders act very organized, even across national borders. On the other hand, around 30 percent of all bicycle thefts go back to casual offenders, according to ADFC statistics. Take a quick trip to the bank and the bike is gone.

The internal variant – a bicycle lock with alarm

Bicycle locks with alarm are equipped with integrated motion sensors that monitor all the movements of your bike around the clock. A bicycle thief manipulates yours Bicycle or trying to carry it away, a 110 dB alarm sounds for up to 30 seconds. With further manipulation, the alarm continues, so that the bicycle thief is continuously disturbed in his project and eventually relinquished.

Alone the volume of the alarm has a very high deterrent potential. The alarm starts abruptly and without warning and bothers the thief to calmly focus on his theft attempt. Passersby are made aware of what's going on in the area and the bicycle theft is no longer in the secret. And Attention is the last thing a perpetrator needs.

Bicycle locks with alarm are sometimes linked to a smartphone app. Then you will receive an instant message to your connected smartphone. This puts you on the safe side when someone is unauthorized on your bike and tries to steal it. In most cases, it is important that you stay within reach.


  • integrated sensors in the bicycle lock register unwanted movement
  • up to 110 dB and up to 30 seconds
  • Connection to a smartphone app

An external alarmsystem on the bike

An external alarmsystem on the bicycle must be mounted in addition to a separate lock. These transmitters are screwed with screws in a suitable place. These can be: under the saddle, directly on the handlebar or under the luggage carrier. Usually there is an extra hand transmitter or a remote control, about which the alarm message is given and an operation is possible. This must always be carried along, even at e.g. To respond to false alarms.

The alarm sounds similar to a bicycle lock with alarm. The message on the remote control, on the other hand, can quickly be too quiet if the ambient noise is too loud or the receiver is in the purse. So you get nothing from the attempted theft with and has no way to respond. An app connection, as it is sometimes already common in bicycle locks with alarm offers as an ideal addition. If a long range is important, it should definitely compare before buying.

A big plus: The cost is usually lower than those of bicycle locks with alarm. Nevertheless, it remains an external device that must be firmly installed on the bike and with an extra remote control to operate.


  • Transmitter and receiver device in addition to the bicycle lock
  • Message about the alarm to the remote control
  • low acquisition costs

What is really important?

Bike parking in public area

Advanced safety is a must for those who rely on their bikes on a daily basis or the purchase price was very expensive. A bicycle lock always forms a solid basis for protection against bicycle theft. Modern and innovative enhancements such as an alarm system on the bike increase the security in addition!

Do not let your bike get stolen and equip your bike with an alarm. Ideally, an alarm system on the bicycle discourages potential thieves from attempting theft. An alarm system attached to the bike helps the potential thief to assess his chances of being successful as too low and ignoring theft from the outset.

Take the opportunity to maximize safety!

I LOCK IT is the complete set for maximum safety: Smart bike lock with alarm

With I LOCK IT you maximize the safety of your bike or e-bike. Thanks to its sophisticated design, it is suitable for a variety of situations and meets the highest safety standards.

On the one hand, the lock secures your bike during short stops and is extremely comfortable in its operation. The intelligent bike lock is constructed with robust materials and is very resistant to frequently used theft methods. Combined with the plug-in cable or the plug-in chain, secure the bike to fixed objects, so that the bike is securely connected when parked for a long time.

The integrated bicycle alarm system supports the security functions enormously.



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