e-bike theft protection: everything you need to know


8 reasons why you should start thinking about high-quality theft protection for your e-bike

  1. In 2017, 300,000 bicycles were stolen.
  2. You have spent a lot of money on your new e-bike and would like to keep it a long time.
  3. The police clearance rate is negligible (2017: 12,000 bicycles). Unfortunately, there is little hope of ever getting your e-bike back.
  4. The new purchase of an e-bike will usually be much more expensive than securing your existing properly.
  5. Why spend a little money on theft protection when your e-bike has cost € 2,000 or more? Experts recommend investing up to 15% of the bike's price in safety.
  6. Bicycle theft is becoming more and more professional. Even the well-secured cellar is no barrier for professional thieves.
  7. Opportunity makes thieves: Apparently bad or not secure wheels lure theft.
  8. An incomplete e-bike is less attractive and often not worth the effort of a departure: Battery and display therefore decrease for protection.



A good lock is the basic requirement

Surely you are aware that a bicycle lock is a required must for the safety of your e-bike. But have you ever considered which material properties, functions and comfort aspects are necessary for optimal protection?

The ADFC (General German Bicycle Club) distinguishes five types of bicycle locks:

  • U-locks
  • Frame locks
  • Folding locks
  • Armored cables and chains
  • Cable locks

Each of these variants offers its own advantages and disadvantages. The ADFC has created a small overview.

As a rule of thumb, the ADFC recommends that a bicycle lock must resist three minutes of attempted theft. If it's too fast, the e-bike has disappeared in no time.


Innovation of bicycle safety

Bicycle thieves are becoming more and more professional and reckless. A classic safety of the e-bike therefore carries the risk that your bike is quickly targeted as a new target. In addition, bicycle thieves often specialize in a particular design, so that two different types of locks, such as Chain lock and frame lock, significantly increase the safety of your e-bike.

Innovations in the bicycle market increase fun, safety and comfort. But especially with bicycle locks, a lot of new things have been done for a long time in order to be better prepared for thieves. For a few years there have been exciting developments that are intended for mass production or as an individual solution.

In particular, the connection of a bicycle lock to the smartphone is a big leap that follows the trend of digital networking. Digital or smart bicycle locks offer the great potential to monitor your e-bike much more reliably. The mechanical protection is meaningfully extended by intelligent digital solutions.

The technologies used vary from lock type to manufacturer. There is the possibility to set up a keyless connection via Bluetooth. But also NFC (Near Field Communication) or WLAN is already used.

With Bicycle Apps against theft, a new exciting field opens up to better keep track of your daily companion. Most tracking and alarm apps can be found in the corresponding app stores. In addition, there are many more ways to control your e-bike or bike lock with an app.

With an alarm on the bike, the surprise effect of a loud alarm is used, since this is not yet part of the bicycle safety equipment. You have the opportunity to easily retrofit this with your e-bike. As an alternative to the alarm system, there are locks that already have an integrated alarm. This is very useful if you do not have your e-bike out of sight. It is worthwhile, therefore, if you take a closer look.

If an alarm does not effectively prevent theft, then Bicycle GPS Trackers provide a way to determine the current location of your bike. The way to attach them to your e-bike varies: implemented in a fixed frame lock, a taillight or hidden in the seat post.


Safety tipp's and taboo's: The bike lock alone is not everything


➥ Vary the locations regularly.

➥ Pick lively and well-lit spots.

➥ Position the lock as high as possible on a solid object.

➥ On the move: Choose a seat where you can keep an eye on the e-bike.


➥ Leave the key stuck

➥ Do not take the battery and display of the e-bike with you for a longer period of absence.

➥ Save money on the bike lock

➥ "Quick to the baker" and do not lock.


E-bike insurance

The latest statistics show that bicycle theft is still a real issue. About 300,000 bicycle thefts in 2017, that means about 35 bicycles per hour.

Therefore, it is useful to preventively deal with the topic of bicycle safety, but also to take precautions in the form of bicycle insurance.

Due to the increasing professionalization of the thieves and the high-priced e-bikes, you can not even buy a new e-bike. It is usually possible to increase your own existing home contents insurance or to take out additional e-bike insurance. The range includes a basic protection up to the all-round carefree package.


Bicycle Pass and Bike Register

A preventive measure that is definitely recommended is the registration or coding of your e-bike. This not only has a deterrent effect on thieves, but also leads to a better awareness rate. After a theft, you have the opportunity to get your e-bike back. However, a distinction is made between encoding and registration with frame number.

With a bike pass you prove your property beyond doubt, as individual characteristics are deposited. Meanwhile, the police also offer the option of a digital bike version in addition to a printed bike pass.


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