Bicycle theft protection at the highest level

In addition to a high level of comfort, I LOCK IT also offers excellent security for its intended use.

This security is achieved through several stages:


The I LOCK IT housing is made of a polymer material specially selected for the application.

This material is characterized among other things by a very high impact resistance, thus I LOCK IT is very well protected against attack with a hammer, for example.

In addition to the robust housing, I LOCK IT has an 8mm thick hardened locking bolt. This protects I LOCK IT reliably against attacks with the bolt cutter.


In addition to the robust materials, I LOCK IT has an integrated alarm system. If your bike is locked with I LOCK IT and lifted or moved or I LOCK IT attempts to break, I LOCK IT triggers a 110 dB loud alarm sound.

The alarm sound scares the thief and alerts passers-by. After 30 seconds, the alarm will automatically stop. If the bike continues to move, the alarm will restart for 30 seconds.

If the alarm was triggered accidentally then there is the possibility via the I LOCK IT App to terminate the alarm tone before the 30 seconds have elapsed.

Theft notifications

If an alarm is triggered on I LOCK IT, it automatically sends you a notification to your connected smartphone. You are directly informed and can look after your bike.

You will receive the notification whenever you are in the vicinity and can intervene accordingly. The I LOCK IT App must be active in the background on your smartphone.

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