Keyless - Bluetooth bike lock control


The I LOCK IT App makes your smartphone the key. Simply connect your I LOCK IT with the I LOCK IT App.

If your I LOCK IT is set up once in the app, you can control it and configure it. The communication between your smartphone and your I LOCK IT takes place via Bluetooth Low Energy Technology. This energy-saving Bluetooth technology is supported by all new Android and Apple smartphones and is also characterized by a high level of security.

Once the I LOCK IT App has been launched on your smartphone and your I LOCK IT is configured, it connects to your I LOCK IT whenever you are nearby.

Your smartphone will become the key to your I LOCK IT and does not even have to be taken out of your pocket.

With the I LOCK IT App you have the opportunity to control up to five different I LOCK IT alternately. For example, if you own several bicycles then you can easily switch between your I LOCK IT in the I LOCK IT app.

In addition, it is possible to set up several smartphones on an I LOCK IT. For example, if more family members or friends regularly use your bike then they can also connect the I LOCK IT app to your I LOCK IT. With an I LOCK IT up to eight different smartphones can be set up and connected in turn.

The I LOCK IT app is compatible with iPhones 4s or higher and with Android devices with Android version 4.4 or higher.

Stay connected with the I LOCK IT extension for the Apple Watch

The iPhone users can control I LOCK IT quite easily with the Apple Watch. If the I LOCK IT App is already installed on the iPhone, the extension will automatically be transferred to the Apple Watch. To use the features, there must be a Bluetooth connection between iPhone and Apple Watch. The I LOCK IT extension works from the update watchOS 4.3.


Enjoy the benefits of one-hand operation with the Apple Watch, now for your I LOCK IT:


I LOCK IT Apple Watch SchließenLock and Unlock
Manual control of I LOCK IT is possible from the wrist! Thus you always have the possibility to query the current closing state.


Alarm message
An attempted theft? I LOCK IT informs you by notification on your Apple Watch! If everything is ok, you can also terminate the alarm prematurely. Controlled via the Apple Watch.


Closing error message
If the locking bold hits a spoke or other obstacle, it will automatically return to the open position. I LOCK IT makes a beeping sound and sends you a message on your Apple Watch.


I LOCK IT Apple Watch Nicht Stören Mondsichel "Do not disturb" mode
Tap the "do not disturb" icon, the crescent moon, to enable or disable the feature. When the Do Not Disturb mode is turned on, the crescent moon in the status bar turns orange. I LOCK IT then deactivates all beeps and the automatic mode.


Android users with Smart Watch?

Auch für Sie gibt es einige Funktionen, die bereits jetzt schon nutzbar sind:

Alarm message in case of attempted theft and the possibility to turn it off if everything is ok

Close error message if the closing process is not completed correctly

The I LOCK IT key-fob

The control of I LOCK IT is possible in addition to the smartphone app with the I LOCK IT key-fob. This small key fob allows comfortable and reliable control of your I LOCK IT.

If you do not have your smartphone with you for the ride, just take the key-fob with you.

The key-fob has various settings that can be configured via the I LOCK IT app. Either it behaves quite simply like in a car and opens and closes I LOCK IT at the push of a button or it is used in automatic mode and automatically opens and closes I LOCK IT depending on the distance.

The key-fob is powered by a standard coin cell battery. It lasts almost a year in manual mode and can then easily be changed.

The use of I LOCK IT is possible alternately by smartphone and key-fob, as well as by the I LOCK IT key-fob completely without a smartphone.

Advantages of using a Bluetooth connection for the smartphone or key-fob

Bluetooth LE was specially developed for mobile devices

Established and widely used technology

The energy consumption is very low

High security connection

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