Keyless - Bluetooth bike lock control


The I LOCK IT App makes your smartphone the key. Simply connect your I LOCK IT with the I LOCK IT App.

If your I LOCK IT is set up once in the app, you can control it and configure it. The communication between your smartphone and your I LOCK IT takes place via Bluetooth Low Energy Technology. This energy-saving Bluetooth technology is supported by all new Android and Apple smartphones and is also characterized by a high level of security.

Once the I LOCK IT App has been launched on your smartphone and your I LOCK IT is configured, it connects to your I LOCK IT whenever you are nearby.

Your smartphone will become the key to your I LOCK IT and does not even have to be taken out of your pocket.

With the I LOCK IT App you have the opportunity to control up to five different I LOCK IT alternately. For example, if you own several bicycles then you can easily switch between your I LOCK IT in the I LOCK IT app.

In addition, it is possible to set up several smartphones on an I LOCK IT. For example, if more family members or friends regularly use your bike then they can also connect the I LOCK IT app to your I LOCK IT. With an I LOCK IT up to eight different smartphones can be set up and connected in turn.

The I LOCK IT app is compatible with iPhones 4s or higher and with Android devices with Android version 4.4 or higher.

The I LOCK IT key-fob

The control of I LOCK IT is possible in addition to the smartphone app with the I LOCK IT key-fob. This small key fob allows comfortable and reliable control of your I LOCK IT.

If you do not have your smartphone with you for the ride, just take the key-fob with you.

The key-fob has various settings that can be configured via the I LOCK IT app. Either it behaves quite simply like in a car and opens and closes I LOCK IT at the push of a button or it is used in automatic mode and automatically opens and closes I LOCK IT depending on the distance.

The key-fob is powered by a standard coin cell battery. It lasts almost a year in manual mode and can then easily be changed.

The use of I LOCK IT is possible alternately by smartphone and key-fob, as well as by the I LOCK IT key-fob completely without a smartphone.

Advantages of using a Bluetooth connection for the smartphone or key-fob

Bluetooth LE was specially developed for mobile devices

Established and widely used technology

The energy consumption is very low

High security connection

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