Discover I LOCK IT+. The most innovative safety for your bike!


Dynamic spoke avoidance system

Interfering with bicycle spokes? Is not necessary anymore!

I LOCK IT+ implements the world's first innovative DSA-system. Powerful and safe, the steel bar passes by each spoke. Disturbing spokes are no longer a problem. I LOCK IT+ closes reliably and without manual correction of the wheel.

Luxury you can afford.

Smart Alarm

Pre-alarm and theft alarm

The 3D motion sensors detects vibrations in all directions. Incredibly accurate and therefore even safer!

If there is an accidental impact on your bike, I LOCK IT+ will respond with a three-time warning sound - the pre-alarm. If further shocks or a theft attempt, then an alarm with 110 dB alarm sound is triggered.

Security that doesn’t let you down.


Personalize with the I LOCK IT+ App

You finally want to know if someone tried to steal your bike or how long you were cycling? The logbook records all events even during absence. If the alarm goes off, it is saved in the logbook with the date and time.

Also for the insurance case very helpful: you can always prove that you have locked your bike!

Transparency, when you want it!

Twice as easy

Use smartphone and key fob at the same time

No question of either/or.

I LOCK IT+ can be used simultaneously with the smartphone and the key fob+. No complicated reconnecting, just open!

Reliable, for you and your family!

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Find out in comparison which I LOCK IT is right for you!

Compare I LOCK IT+ and I LOCK IT classic

Fitting: Will I LOCK IT fit my bike?

If I LOCK IT will fit your bike, you can check out our fitting page and download a model of I LOCK IT. You will get additional information about how to mount I LOCK IT on your bike and what you can do if your bike does not offer the mounting points. Directly download the model.



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