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I LOCK IT GPS is the smart bike lock for bikes and e-bikes. It is fixed to the bike frame and used keyless via the app, smartwatch or a key fob. I LOCK IT GPS protects your bike reliable against theft without any compromises in comfort.

I LOCK IT GPS offers the highest comfort and security. Enjoy using your bike without the need to think about your bike lock or the keys. Just get on and ride. No matter your plans or your destination. Simply leave your bike and I LOCK IT GPS automatically takes care of the security.

Protecting your bike was never this easy.


In 2016 thanks to over 1.000 kickstarter backers from several countries we brought I LOCK IT to live. Since then we have shipped several thousand I LOCK IT and presented with I LOCK IT+ an even advanced version.


Now it’s time to take the next big step with I LOCK IT GPS and you can be part of the journey right from the start. Support us now and gain several exclusive benefits.





I LOCK IT GPS offers a worldwide unique automatic mode. This ensures that your bike is always protected. Without effort.

With the automatic function, you never open and close your bike again by yourself. In the future, with I LOCK IT GPS you will have a bike lock, which will do it by itself. The smart bike lock connects you to your bike and thus offers maximum comfort.

Automatic unlocking

The unlock function of I LOCK IT GPS is controlled via the I LOCK IT app. The smartphone automatically connects to your I LOCK IT GPS as soon as you are within reach. For this purpose, the app uses the energy-saving Bluetooth low energy technology of your smartphone.

If you are in the immediate vicinity of your bike, I LOCK IT GPS will unlock it for you.

Automatic locking

After the ride I LOCK IT GPS protects your bike against theft: safe and comfortable.

For this purpose, the distance between smartphone and I LOCK IT GPS is analyzed. If you are far enough away, I LOCK IT GPS will close automatically.

Reliable technology

In addition to the distance, I LOCK IT GPS also rates the movement of your bike through integrated 3D motion sensors. These check in all directions whether the bike is moving or not. This ensures that I LOCK IT GPS closes exactly when you want it.

This by us patented technology is already working reliable in several thousand I LOCK IT GPS and ensures the highest security.


I LOCK IT GPS is equipped with an integrated alarm system to increase theft protection for your bike. If your with I LOCK IT GPS locked bike is raised and moved, or if a thief attempts to break I LOCK IT GPS, the bike lock triggers a 110-dB alarm sound.

The alarm scares the thief and alerts passers-by. After 30 seconds, the alarm will automatically stop. If the bike continues to move, then the alarm will restart for 30 seconds. Thus, the bike theft is much more difficult.

Smart alarm

The smart alarm can difference between shocks to your bike. If there is an accidental impact on your bike, I LOCK IT GPS will respond with a three-time warning sound - the pre-alarm. If there are further shocks or a theft attempt, then an alarm with 110 dB volume is triggered.

Notification in case of theft

If an alert is triggered due to an attempted bike theft, I LOCK IT GPS will automatically send you a notification to your smartphone. You are directly informed and can look after your bike.

The notification is sent either via an established Bluetooth connection or the mobile network. You will always be informed even if you are not close by.

If necessary, you can mute the acoustic alarm with the I LOCK IT App. If the silent alarm is activated, you will still receive a notification on your smartphone should your bike be moved.


With bike thieves becoming more and more professional the risk of getting your bike stole is still very high, no matter how good you secured it. With I LOCK IT GPS you will always know where your bike currently is.


The sim card and data packages for the connection to the mobile network are already integrated in I LOCK IT GPS. You will have no more fees or other expenses – lifelong.

The GPS Tracking with I LOCK IT works in the following marked countries:

GPS live tracker

If an alarm gets set off and your bike is being moved, then the live tracking mode is started. With this mode you can view in the I LOCK IT App where you bike currently is.

Your I LOCK IT GPS constantly receives via GPS its current location and sends it through the mobile network to your smartphone. This works with I LOCK IT GPS across borders all over Europe.

Proximity positioning feature

The GPS technology also has its limits. The accuracy of the location tracking can vary from 10 – 100 meters. To find your bike for example in a large area with many bike racks you can use the proximity positioning feature.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection your I LOCK IT App will let you know if you are moving closer to your bike or if you are on the wrong tracks.

Acoustic signal function

You have reached the location of your bike but can’t see it anywhere? Use the acoustic signal function with the I LOCK IT App. This will prompt I LOCK IT GPS to set off a 110-db loud acoustic signal. No matter if your bike is behind a wall or hidden in a basement, you will hear it!


I LOCK IT GPS offers several options to control it. The irritating search for keys or the annoying handling of a bulky bike lock are not part of any of it.


The I LOCK IT App turns your smartphone into the digital key to your bike lock and does not even have to be taken out of your pocket.

Simply connect your I LOCK IT GPS with the I LOCK IT App. If I LOCK IT GPS is set up once in the app, you can control and configure the lock via Bluetooth. As soon as you are in the vicinity, I LOCK IT GPS always connects itself to your smartphone. The I LOCK IT App only has to be started once.

The I LOCK IT app is compatible with iPhones starting with the iPhone 5 and with Android devices running version 4.4 or higher.

Apple watch

iPhone users can control I LOCK IT GPS with the Apple Watch. If the I LOCK IT app is already installed on the iPhone, the extension is automatically transferred to the Apple Watch. To use the features, there must be a Bluetooth connection between iPhone and Apple Watch.

The I LOCK IT GPS extension for the Apple watch is supported starting with watchOS 4.3.

Key fob

If you do not have your smartphone with you for the ride, then simply take the I LOCK IT key fob with you. The control of I LOCK IT GPS is possible in addition to the smartphone app with the I LOCK IT key fob.

This small key fob allows comfortable and reliable control of your bike lock. With the key fob you simply control I LOCK IT GPS with the push of a button. And if an alarm is set off the key fob will inform you with an acoustic signal.


Do you most like to attach your bike to a solid object? Simply connect the I LOCK IT plug-in chain to your I LOCK IT GPS bike lock.

This works, very simple, fast and without a key.

The plug-in chain is 120 cm long and made of hardened steel. The individual chain links have a diameter of 6 mm.

A polyester shell ensures a nice look and prevents scratches on your bike. With a weight of just under 700 g, the plug-in chain is also easy to transport in the included transport bag.

New offer: I LOCK IT GPS + plug-in cable

The plug-in cable is 110 cm long and made of stainless steel with a plastic protective cover. With a weight of just 300g, it is a lighter alternative to securely attach the bike to a fixed object for a longer time.


You were on the road all day and come back with an empty smartphone battery?

I LOCK IT GPS offers you an emergency opening, so that you can still unlock your bike and ride home.

When setting up your I LOCK IT GPS for the first time with the I LOCK IT App, you define your personal 6-digit color code. You can always view this code in the I LOCK IT app and change it if necessary.


When using frame locks, cyclists must always pay attention to the position of the bike spokes. Every now and then a spoke gets in the way and the wheel must be corrected manually for the lock to close.

With the from us developed dynamic spoke avoidance system this is no longer necessary since disturbing spokes are no longer a problem. I LOCK IT GPS closes reliable, and that without a manual correction of the bike wheel.

Thanks to a smart combination of a strong motor and the flex adapters the pointed striker of I LOCK IT GPS simply passes by the spoke.


I LOCK IT GPS combines modern technology with the classic advantages of a frame lock. The immobilizer is a perfect helper for quick errands, and the alarm system and the optional plug-in chain prevent theft even for longer stops.

The integrated GPS tracker is invisible from the outside and a usefully backup against bike theft.



We are already halfway there. Support our project now and secure your bike or e- bike with I LOCK IT GPS already in the coming biking season.

Will I LOCK IT GPS fit your bike?

I LOCK IT GPS is designed to fit with most bike frames.

Here you can find a 1:1 model of I LOCK IT for printing. With this you can easily check if I LOCK IT GPS can be fitted to your bike or e-bike.



The installation of I LOCK IT GPS on your bike is very easy and it is done in just a few minutes. The installation is either directly on the frame or alternatively with optional adapters (see below).

Installation on the frame:

Alternative installation with adapter (optional available)

If you have any questions about the installation of I LOCK IT GPS or I LOCK IT GPS in general do not hestitate to contact us. Our support team is there to help you: [email protected]

Optional installation adapters:

Since the installation adapter are only needed on some bikes, they are not part of the reward packages. If you want to receive the installation adapter together with your reward, simply add 8€ to your final pledge and write us a quick message to [email protected]


2015 we started with the goal to make bike riding more secure and comfortable. For us the bike is the most important means of transportation in the urban mobility, but especially there theft is still a big problem.

The use of several bike locks to achieve a high security was always a barrier for us. Especially for quick errands the effort for locking and unlocking the biike is often longer than the actual errand. We have successfully changed this with I LOCK IT.

But we haven’t reached our goal just yet. While I LOCK IT successfully prevents many thefts attempts there are still professionals out there which are harder to stop. To stop them we have now created I LOCK IT GPS.



Every development, especially in the hardware area, is risky. We have already learned a lot from our experience in the development and production of I LOCK IT. At that time we had to redevelop everything from electronics to mechanics, firmware to the apps for iOS and Android. This challenge was very complex and yet mastered by us.

Since I LOCK IT GPS is based on many of these existing components and we can bring in our entire experience, the risks this time are much lower.

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