Configuration of the key fob

The key fob has two operating modes which can be configured via the I LOCK IT app.

To do this, connect the smartphone to your I LOCK IT and then open the I LOCK IT App to open the "key fob" menu in the settings.


Manual Mode

In this mode, I LOCK IT opens and closes by pressing the key fob button once.

If there is no connection between the key fob and I LOCK IT when the button is pressed, then the connection gets established and the opening or closing process starts.


Automatic Mode

In this mode, the key fob establishes an automatic connection to I LOCK IT.

The opening and closing process then takes place automatically depending on the distance (depending on the selected setting).

In order to save energy, the key fob attempts to reconnect to I LOCK IT only for a selected period after a connection has been aborted.

If this period is exceeded, the key fob goes into standby mode. To restore the connection to I LOCK IT, the key fob button must then be pressed once.



  • The key fob is in manual mode when delivered.
  • The use of the automatic mode leads to a significantly higher energy consumption of the key fob.



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