I LOCK IT does not unlock

That I LOCK IT cannot be opened anymore can have different causes:

  • The locking bold is prevented from opening by a spoke. Please make sure that the locking bold can move. If the locking bar does not move, then please start the opening process and push the bold by hand a little. Then he can continue on his own.
  • The plug-in cable | the plug-in chain is connected to I LOCK IT and blocks the locking bold. Please press the connecting bolt of the chain | the cable firmly into the I LOCK IT housing and repeat the opening procedure.
  • There is no connection between the smartphone | key fob and I LOCK IT or the smartphone | key fob is not in the immediate range for unlocking. Please make the connection between smartphone | key fob and I LOCK IT or bring the smartphone | key fob in the immediate range of I LOCK IT.
  • The color code was entered incorrectly or the color code entry is disabled. Please pay attention to the correct input and if the code has been blocked, wait until the input is automatically activated again.

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