Use several smartphones with one I LOCK IT

By configuring multiple smartphones for an I LOCK IT, it's easy to share a bike with multiple people.

Info: A maximum of 7 smartphones or key fob's can be trained on I LOCK IT.

To learn another smartphone at I LOCK IT, follow these steps:

  • Install the I LOCK IT App on the new smartphone (available for Android and iOS)
  • Open the I LOCK IT app on the already installed smartphone
  • Open the settings menu and then the submenu "Sharing"
  • Click on "Pair new Smartphone"
  • Confirm the message
  • Your I LOCK IT is now in pairing mode
  • Follow the instructions in the I LOCK IT App on the new smartphone


Info: Only one simultaneous connection to I LOCK IT is possible. If a smartphone or hand-held transmitter is already connected to I LOCK IT, then no other smartphone or hand-held transmitter can establish a connection.

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