Locking and Unlocking with the I LOCK IT button


Open by button

It is very easy to open I LOCK IT via the button. As soon as you are near your bike and you press the button I LOCK IT opens.
After I LOCK IT successfully opened, the button lights up green and your ride can begin.
  • Opening is only possible if your smartphone or key fob is connected to your I LOCK IT. If there is no connection, I LOCK IT can only be opened by color code.
  • If the button flashes red when pressed, your smartphone or key fob is connected to I LOCK IT, but too far away from it. In that case I LOCK IT will not open.


Closing by button

To close I LOCK IT, press and hold the button till it lights red. After releasing the button, I LOCK IT starts closing.
  • Closing with the button is only possible if I LOCK IT is fully open.
  • If a movement takes place after pressing the button, the closing process of I LOCK IT will not start.

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