Emergency opening with color code

You can easily open I LOCK IT with your personal 6-digit color-code. 

You have either received your personal color code together with your I LOCK IT or it has been set in the app when setting up your I LOCK IT.

Info: Entering the color code is only possible if no devide is connected to I LOCK IT. If there is a connection to a smartphone or remote control, the color code can not be entered.

To enter your color code follow these steps:

  1. Close I LOCK IT in case it is open.
  2. Press and hold the button on I LOCK IT untill the 1st color of your personal color code is displayed.
  3. Release the button and repeat the process for all the other colors.
  4. If the color code has been entered correctly then I LOCK IT opens after the last color has been entered. If an incorrect color code has been entered, I LOCK IT signals this by flashing three times red.


This short video tutorial explains how to open I LOCK IT with the color code.


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