Battery charge


Battery status

You can easily see the current charge status of your I LOCK IT in the I LOCK IT App.

As soon as your I LOCK IT has reached a low battery level, you will be informed in the I LOCK IT App. Also your I LOCK IT will emit an acoustic warning tone each time you open it.

In this case please charge your I OCK IT immediatley to avoid a failure.



Before using your I LOCK IT for the first time and when the battery is low, you should fully charge the I LOCK IT battery.

Warning: When charging I LOCK IT, only use power sources that supply the USB output with 5 V DC.


  • While I LOCK IT is charging, the button lights red. If the battery is full, the LED goes out.
  • If there is no outlet close to the bike, we recommend charging I LOCK IT with a powerbank to avoid unnecessary demounting of I LOCK IT.


Führen Sie zum Laden folgende Schritte durch:

  1. Öffnen Sie die USB Abdeckung an der rechten Seite von I LOCK IT.
  2. Verbinden Sie den Micro-USB Port mit dem mitgelieferten Micro-USB Kabel.
  3. Verbinden Sie das USB-Kabel mit einem USB-Netzteil, Powerbank oder dem USB-Port eines Computers.
  4. Sobald I LOCK IT vollständig aufgeladen ist, können Sie das USB-Kabel entfernen und die USB-Abdeckung wieder verschließen.


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