Mounting with installation adapter

The I LOCK IT installation adapters allow the installation of I LOCK IT on bicycles and e-bikes without mounting holes.

The installation adapters can be purchased directly from our shop.



  • You will receive two installaiton adapters, one for the left frame strut and one for the right frame strut.
  • When correctly installed, the plastic screws of the adapters will be facing outwards.


Follow the steps below for the installation:


  1. Attach the first installation adapter to the Legen Sie den passenden Installationsadapter an eine der Rahmenstreben an.
  2. Pass the plastic strap of the adapter around the strut and then through the opening on the adapter.
  3. Insert the plastic screw into the adapter.
  4. Use a suitable screwdriver to tighten the adapter by turning the plastic screw.
  5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 for the second adapter.
  6. Pass I LOCK IT over your fender | tire.
  7. Mount I LOCK IT to the mounting holes in the bicycle-frame. Hand-tighten (3Nm) the supplied screws with an Allen key.



Be careful not to screw I LOCK IT too tight to the frame (3Nm). It could lead to dificulties in opening and closing.



  • The screws supplied with I LOCK IT are not suitable for the adapter and only for direct mounting to the bicycle frame.
  • By choosing the right mounting hole on I LOCK IT, you can ensure that the lock hast enough space to close and pass the rim.

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