Installation requirements



Installation with in frame mounting holes

The mounting holes in the frame struts of the rear wheel are used to install I LOCK IT.

Most bicycles and e-bikes come with these mounting holes. They are used to fit bike frame locks like I LOCK IT.

The installation of I LOCK IT is easily done with two screws and a allen key. 

You will find a step by step guide how to install I LOCK IT here.


Installation with adapters

If your bike does not have the required mounting holes or I LOCK IT does not fit the ones on your bike, you can use our installation adapters to make it fit.

You will find a detailed step by step guide how to install the mounting adapters here.


These installation adapters can be purchased in our online-shop as well.

Installation adapter in our online-shop




For the attachement of I LOCK IT, the dimensions if the rear rim and the width of the tire are important.

The distance between the lower edge of the rear wheel rim and the upper edge of the wheel (or mudguard) should be less than 106 mm and tire widths up to 64 mm.

If you are not sure about the dimensions, you can download a template with the dimensions of the casing HERE.

Just print the model in scale of 1:1 and hold it on your bike.


Alternatively, you can order the template from us HERE.

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