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To lend your bike equipped with I LOCK IT to friends or family, you can create and share a sharing color code in the I LOCK IT App. This color code allows you to open I LOCK IT without the need to install the I LOCK IT App on another smartphone.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Switch to settings in the I LOCK IT app
  2. Open the submenu "Sharing“
  3. Click on "Create new Color Code"
  4. A color code for sharing will be created
  5. Click on "Share Code" to share the color code via WhatsApp or other Social Apps


  • If the color code is changed, the last displayed color code is automatically deactivated.
  • To generate a color code, the app must be connected to your I LOCK IT
  • Your personal color code, which you set during the initial setup, should not be shared. Because this personal color code enables a permanent access to your I LOCK IT.
  • If several people use your bike permanently, it makes sense to pair more smartphones on your I LOCK IT.


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