Alarm system

The alarm function of your I LOCK IT is activated by default. You can also configure or deactivate the function individually via the I LOCK IT App.
To do this, open the settings menu and then the submenu "Theft protection"
The following settings can be configured:
Alarm settings
If this function is activated, then the alarm will be armed after each locking process. If the function is deactivated then the alarm function is switched off.
When the alarm function is activated, an 110dB alarm sounds when your bike is moving and an alarm message is displayed on your smartphone (if connected).
Alarm Sensitivity
The alarm sensitivity can be used to define how quickly an alarm is triggered.
With low sensitivity (far left), the alarm will only be triggered when your bike is moving hard. In the highest sensitivity level (far right), the alarm will be triggered even with a slight movement of your bike.
Silent Alarm
If the silent alarm is activated then a message is transmitted to your smartphone in the event of an alarm but no acoustic tone is triggered on I LOCK IT.

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