Frame lock - the comfortable bike lock

A frame lock or ring lock is a well-proven bicycle lock and is very popular among many for its ease of use. Reliable and safe, cyclists can do their shopping. Many tend not to finish their bike with a short stop at the bakery due to poor handling of other types of castle. With a frame lock, the bike is safely locked in a few seconds and can not fall victim to occasional thieves.

Differences in usage

old frame lock

Visually and in the basic usage, frame locks differ only slightly from each other. The annular construction with a round locking bold secures bicycles since the 1950s. The steel bar pushes between the spokes, blocking the rear wheel. However, the locking systems, which are very important for bicycle safety, have changed.

Locking with key

Frame locks can be used with a removable or non-removable key.

On some versions, the key remains in the cylinder when the lock is open. This means that strangers always have the option of completing the bicycle and disposing of the key, for example. Forcibly then would always be completed. In addition, the bicycle key is usually fastened to the keychain and would then have to be transported directly to the lock while driving. If you do not like that, you always have an extra bunch of keys for bicycle locks - that is awkward and if you forget it, many locks will be unusable.

The other version is frame locks with a removable key. If the lock is in the open state, the key can be transported by the bicycle owner. The risk of a foreign contract therefore does not exist.

Locking with smartphone

Locking with Smartphone

A novel variant is a frame lock with Bluetooth. The lock cylinder is available no more, no more than a key. The smart frame lock comes with an app operated on the smartphone. This is fully automatic depending on the provider Remove from the bike or manually per click in the app.

Smartphone control

Installation of frame locks

Frame locks are basically designed for a fixed mounting on the bicycle frame and serve primarily as an immobilizer. The seat stays already have mounting holes or holes for most models. In this case, the frame lock is fastened there with the supplied screws. Alternatively, it can also be fastened using a Pletscher plate.

If the mounting holes are not present, installation adapters or cable ties usually provide a replacement.

Installation adapters are a very safe alternative to a frame lock on the surface To attach a bicycle if there are no pre-drilled holes for attachment. The adapter is placed around the frame and tightened by a screw. Then the frame lock can be easily screwed to the adapter. Safety is just as high as with direct mounting. When locked, the bike is just as well secured, even if the adapters are severed.

Security enhancements

I LOCK IT Plug-in cable In combination with an extension, the frame lock quickly becomes an ideal all-round protection for the bike. Both with key or smartphone-to-use frame locks offer so-called plug-in functions: Einsteckketten - or cable. With these extensions, each bike can be connected to a stable object.

In addition, app-controlled frame locks are equipped with an integrated alarm system. In case of unwanted movement then immediately triggers a loud alarm.

Frame lock Conclusion: light, safe and robust

A classic frame lock convinces above all by its light weight and its fixed mounting on the wheel frame. In most cases, installation on a bicycle is easy. This can be used to equip city or trekking bikes, or modern e-bikes and cargo bikes.

Thanks to the space-saving and lightweight design, you do not have to worry about how to keep the lock while driving. Even the use of a frame lock is child's play: a steel bracket that slides between the spokes locks the bike reliably.

A frame lock is the perfect solution for short-term parking of the bike. With practical accessories, safety also increases enormously.



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