The installation of I LOCK IT on your bike is very easy and it is done in just a few minutes.


  1. Check if there are matching locating holes on the frame braces of the rear wheel. If not, use the installation adapters.

  2. Place I LOCK IT on the back wheel of your bike so you can attach the screws to the threads.

  3. Secure the screws and I LOCK IT is installed on your bike.

    I LOCK IT+ also requires flex adapter for mounting (included in delivery).

Will I LOCK IT fit on my bike?

Bikes are just as different as their owners. Trekking, City or E-Bikes come in different forms and shapes. That's why we developed I LOCK IT to fit most of the many different bikes but unfortunately, we can't guarantee that it will fit all of them.
For the mounting of I LOCK IT classic and I LOCK IT+ the measurements of the back wheel rim and the thickness of the tire are important.


Easy check if I LOCK IT fits your bike.

If you are not sure about the measurements you can download a model of the lock. Simply print this model in 1:1 and hold it on your bike to see if I LOCK IT will fit.

Installation adapters

Many bikes and e-bikes already have mounting openings for the easy installation of wheel locks like I LOCK IT. Since there is no standard specification for those mounting openings it is still possible that I LOCK IT won't fit.

To make sure it will fit simply use the model from above.

If your bike doesn't have any mounting options or I LOCK IT doesn't fit on the ones mounting openings which are there you can simply install I LOCK IT with the help of adapters.

This adapter for the easy mounting of I LOCK IT can be ordered in our SHOP.

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