Secure e-bike lock with I LOCK IT

The most important question when buying an e-bike or pedelec is the question of reliable theft protection.

Due to the sometimes very high purchase price, the wheels are very popular with thieves. A good bike lock is just one of many must-have safety features.

Frame bike lock: light and secure

The basic equipment of e-bikes and pedelecs now includes a classic frame lock. This protects your high-quality e-bike from theft.

With I LOCK IT you can reliably secure your e-bike. I LOCK IT takes advantage of a classic frame lock and extends it with smart additions.

Get to know I LOCK IT


Automatic opening and closing as you wish.


With I LOCK IT your e-bike is well protected thanks to its integrated alarm.


The smartphone is the digital key to your bike lock.

So I LOCK IT offers an intelligent networking of smartphone and bicycle lock. This protects your e-bike or pedelec even better from theft than its classic representative.

When and how to secure the e-bike

Equipped with the right lock, you must now make sure to connect your e-bike or pedelec safely. It is important to remember that not only do you lock your e-bike / pedelec, but also attach it to a solid object when you are traveling longer.

With I LOCK IT you have the opportunity to securely connect your e-bike to a bicycle stand or road sign through a plug-in chain. Another plus of I LOCK IT: The bolt cutter makes it very difficult for thieves to reach the lock because it is very high and firmly attached to the rear wheel of the bike.

The ultimate place where your e-bike is most securely connected does not exist. But if you follow some advice, you will also increase the safety of your e-bike or pedelec:

  • Vary the locations a little and regularly
  • Choose more lively and well-lit spots
  • Position the insertion chain as high as possible against a solid object
  • If possible: take the battery with you

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