I LOCK IT not only protects your bike, but can also be adapted to your individual needs. With the I LOCK IT App you have the possibility to make numerous settings on I LOCK IT:

Automatic mode

Activate or deactivate the automatic locking or unlocking according to your wishes. Configure the optimum distance for you in which I LOCK IT should open and close.


Activate or deactivate the alarm function and configure the sensitivity of the alarm. This will cause the alarm to fire as needed on little or big movements.

The silent alarm feature also allows you to disable the audible alarm on your I LOCK IT while still receiving a message on your smartphone.


Farbcode und Teilen

Create and change your personal color code to open your I LOCK IT without smartphone or key-fob.

Furthermore, you can use the I LOCK IT App to create an additional color code which you can pass on to friends or family. You can change this color code at any time and deactivate it if necessary.



I LOCK IT has different sounds which you can activate and deactivate according to your wishes:

  • unlocking sound (unlocking successful)
  • locking sound (locking process starts)
  • warning sound (empty battery level, unsuccesful locking or unlocking)



Give your I LOCK IT its own name. This is especially helpful if you have equipped several bikes with I LOCK IT.


Weitere Funktionen

The I LOCK IT App provides you with regular updates that continuously extend and optimize the functionality of your I LOCK IT.


The I LOCK IT App is compatible with iPhone 4S or higher and Android devices with android 4.4 or higher.

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