Bluetooth bike lock - Keyless Control

With the smartphone, it is nowadays made easy for us to keep an eye on the devices and applications of our daily lives. The lighting or temperature in the house, refrigerator contents, and now also bicycle locks.

A control of bicycle locks completely without a key or a number code is made possible by means of Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that is integrated in all smartphones. Over a short distance a simple and secure data exchange is possible.

A Bluetooth lock is characterized by that it is controlled via an app on the smartphone. In order to avoid stressing the battery life of the smartphone unnecessarily, nowadays only the improved Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) wireless technology is used. This reduces the energy requirements for communication without neglecting the benefits of Bluetooth in general.

The differences between bike locks with Bluetooth are on one hand the kind of the lock: From U-lock, folding lock to frame lock is a lot here. The scope of control in the app can also be very different. Depending on the functionality of the Bluetooth bicycle lock, the app provides appropriate control options.

More security against theft with a Bluetooth lock

The security of a Bluetooth lock

More security against theft

To get access to Bluetooth bike locks, bike thieves need to know the technology first. Classic thieves use bolt cutters and usually have little knowledge of Bluetooth LE technology. Bicycle thieves would have to become a bicycle lock hackers.

By using standardized encryption methods, the highest security requirements are implemented. It is almost impossible to access a Bluetooth lock.

To hack a bike lock with Bluetooth,

the thief must be very close to the lock

he also needs the individual key, the bike lock and smartphone exchange when connecting.

He can only receive this if he is in the immediate vicinity of the initial installation of the Bluetooth bicycle lock.

Combination of classic frame lock and modern bluetooth technology

I LOCK IT combines the modern Bluetooth LE technology with the classic advantages of a frame lock. The immobilizer is an ideal relief especially for short errands. The search for the key is omitted. The cumbersome application of e.g. U-lock on the bicycle stand is also eliminated.

With I LOCK IT you just go, the bike lock will automatically close for you and open as you return. You do not even have to get your smartphone out of your pocket.

In addition, Bluetooth frame locks such as I LOCK IT can also be extended with a plug-in chain so that two different locks are used. Both are completely keyless and are controlled by a smartphone app.Bluetooth lock I LOCK IT

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Features of the bluetooth bike lock I LOCK IT


Automatically open the bike lock with Bluetooth

The intelligent bicycle lock opens and closes fully automatically via Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. It is not necessary to close manually, but the possibility exists at any time. As an alternative to the smartphone, there is a remote control that can be used independently to open and close I LOCK IT.

„The automatic mode, which can be turned off, is a comfort gain, especially if you want to park the bike for small errands just briefly.“ Mario Hommen, Journalist (zeit online)



You can download the I LOCK IT App for free. This is supported by Apple and Android systems. The I LOCK IT App turns your smartphone into a digital key. The configuration options are very extensive: setting the range for opening and closing, managing the signal tones, battery indicator, sharing function and much more.

„I have been using my ilockit since summer and am very satisfied. It is practical in everyday life. The first app version was not that great, but with each new version, the features were much better and it came every time features.“ Jule A (Google Play Store)


Alarm at attempted theft

I LOCK IT recognizes an theft immediately. A 110 dB alarm frightens the bicycle thief and thus secures your bike. In addition, the bike lock notifies its owner by message on the smartphone. This feature is available in Bluetooth range. As most of them park their bicycles near the apartment, this poses no problem.

„Each lock can be cracked with the right tools and time but both together give me a good feeling personally as it also has an alarm and keeps me informed on the phone. As long as the range is not too big!“ TROOP (Amazon)


Emergency opening bluetooth bike lock

If, for various reasons, the technology fails, you have the option to open or close I LOCK IT at any time. Based on a color code you have defined during the initial setup of I LOCK IT in the app, you have access to the Bluetooth lock at any time.

„In the test I had the impression that I was dealing with a well thought-out product. Be it unlocking with an easy to remember click code thanks to association with colors […]“ Frederick P. (Gadget Rausch)

Try, if I LOCK IT fits on your bike!


The Model

  • Download the Model and do the quick check if I LOCK IT fits on your bike.

The Fitting-width

  • I LOCK IT can be used with tires which have a maximum width of 64mm.

The Mounting

  • We will explain HERE how simple the mounting of I LOCK IT is.



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