Bike theft security

Anyone who buys a new bike or ist confronted with bicycle theft in the victinity does not want to be one in 300,000.

Yes, just as many bikes were stolen in 2017 in Germany.

From occasional thieves to professionally organized gangs - 100% sure of bike theft is unfortunately no one at the end.

Bike theft security

Lower the risk of bicycle theft with these top tips

1. Do not save money on the lock price

Cheap bike lock from the hardware store, but an expensive bike? Stop! Basically, the value of a bike lock should be 10 percent of the purchase price of the bike. With an average bicycle value of 700 euros, you invest 70 euros in bicycle safety.

2. Always lock

No matter which lock you finally buy: Always use! Opportunity makes thieves and in siuations where it is not expected. You think you always have your bike in sight? Sometimes it is faster than expected and then the trouble is great. Smart bike locks help - they close and open fully automatically!

3. Vary locations

We love routines - thieves, too. To protect against theft we recommend A) to choose well-lit and well-lit areas and B) to change the place of storage from time to time.

4. Trend to the second lock

Since bicycle thieves often specialize in a type, you should lock the bike with a second lock type. Even so, thieves are spoiling the spirit of optimism.

Bike theft security

5. Make alert

An alarm system on the bike is a useful addition and an absolute insider tip. Integrated into a bicycle lock, you increase the theft protection for the bike. By-passers are alerted and you also receive a message about the app depending on the model.

6. Position the lock as high as possible

You make the work for bicycle thieves significantly more difficult if you attach the bike lock as high as possible and close to the bike. So the tool has little starting points. Under no circumstances should the castle have contact with the ground, always stick to it.

7. Quick releases are handy, but ...

For thieves the best opportunity to get saddle or the entire bike. Either you completely refrain from it, or inform yourself about safety systems for small bicycle parts.

8. Individual appearance

If the bike has a high recognition value, then thieves usually take distance from such bicycles. Because individual bicycles are harder to sell.

9. Passport for bicycles - bicycle pass

With a bike pass you can prove your property beyond doubt, as individual characteristics such as date of purchase, brand and appearance of the bicycle are stored. The police now also offers an app for this purpose. A preventative measure for bicycle theft protection.

10. Coding is half of the battle

Coded bicycles have a deterrent effect on thieves and lead to a better enlightenment rate. There is a possibility of getting your bike after a theft. However, a distinction is made between encoding and registration with frame number.

11. Deterrent effect of locks

Thieves quickly recognize where a break-up attempt is not worthwhile. Alarm-locked locks are as much a part of it as massive steel locks. No thief in the world bothers to risk this backup: too conspicuous, too exhausting.

12. Better keep an eye on the bike

Even if it is the short walk to the bakery, the bike should always be in your field of vision. It has happened so often that opportunity makes thieves.

Bike theft security

You might also be interested in these aspects of bicycle theft protection:

⮩ Bicycle insurance - uncomplicated and fast help

Reasons for an insurance:

  • The bike was very expensive.
  • In everyday life, you depend on the bike.
  • They live in a theft stronghold (for example Bremen or Berlin).

⮩ I LOCK IT - Smart theft protection controlled by app

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