The bike lock with alarm

In 2017, 300,000 bicycles were stolen in Germany and the awareness rate is very low. Especially in big cities, on average, three bicycles per hour are stolen.

In order to reliably protect your bike against theft, we offer you an innovative and smart bicycle lock with integrated alarm.

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Automatic opening and closing as you wish.


With I LOCK IT your bike is well protected thanks to its integrated alarm.


The smartphone is the digital key to your bike lock.

Secure with alarm

In addition to its robust materials, I LOCK IT is equipped with a 110dB loud alarm, which sounds loud when attempted theft. So if somebody is bothering you or trying to carry it off your bike: I LOCK IT will not let you do that!

The alarm scares the thief and draws attention to passers-by as it sounds for 30 seconds. In further attempts of the thief with e.g. to break a bicycle with a bolt cutter causes a 30 second alarm.

Relaxed thanks to theft notification

If the alarm goes off on your bike, I LOCK IT automatically sends you a push notification to your connected smartphone. This alert will let you know in real-time if anyone is trying to steal your beloved bike. It is important that you are close to the reach of your bike in order to intervene immediately.

If it is a false alarm or there is no attempted theft, then you always have the option to stop the alarm in the I LOCK IT app on your smartphone.

Comfort through individual possibilities

with I LOCK IT there are many possibilities to secure your bicycle in several stages!

You just go in for a bakery?

I LOCK IT closes completely automatically for you and activates the alarm system actively. When you return, your bike is already ready to go, as I LOCK IT has already opened. You can safely do your shopping and I LOCK IT takes over the security of your bike for you.

You need to park your bike longer?

In order to be able to park your bike longer secured, there is the additional option to dissuade a plug-in chain or a plug-in cable to I LOCK IT. Thus, you additionally secure your bike to a solid object. You use two locks that are smartly networked. Because with both keys is not necessary!

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