Once you are in general proximity to your bike the active I LOCK IT app will automatically connect to your smart bike lock.

And once you get closer to your bike I LOCK IT will automatically unlock for you. The distance you want I LOCK IT to unlock for you can be manually set within the I LOCK IT app.


After your ride I LOCK IT will comfortable secure your bike against theft.

For this purpose the distance between your smartphone and I LOCK IT is being analyzed. I LOCK IT will automatically lock if the distance is large enough. The distance for the automatic locking can be set in the I LOCK IT app as well.


The I LOCK IT app turns your smartphone into the key. If the app is active, the connection to your I LOCK IT will automatically be established as you are in reach and I LOCK IT will unlock automatically. Let the time-consuming search for the keys be the past.

The I LOCK IT app offers numerous settings for I LOCK IT to personalize it the way you want.


If I LOCK IT is locked, multiple motion sensors keep track of any movements of your bike. Through an intelligent evaluation I LOCK IT realizes if there is any kind of manipulation on the lock or if your bike is being carried away. In this case, I LOCK IT will start a 110-dB loud alarm sound. This sound will inform nearby people and scare the thieve off.

When your smartphone is connected to I LOCK IT, you will receive a notification on your smartphone about the attempted theft. That allows you to react quickly and check your bike.


Besides the integrated alarm system, I LOCK IT also offers a high level of mechanical quality against theft. The 8mm thick stainless-steel locking bold provides a high theft protection. The housing, made of a special polymer, is very robust and can stand the most common theft attempts.

Because I LOCK IT does not use a classic lock cylinder, there is no chance for lock picking. The keyless technology offers a much higher security then classic bike locks with lock cylinders.



Even without a smartphone you can use I LOCK IT with high comfort. Our key-fob is the alternative when you like your smartphone to stay at home. The integrated button in the key-fob allows you to lock and unlock your I LOCK IT very easy. The status LED informs you if I LOCK IT was not able to close or if there is an attempted theft.

Plug-in chain / Plug-in cable

In case you need to leave your bike a little longer in one place, we provide a solution as well. Our plug-in cable or plug-in chain can be easily plugged into your I LOCK IT and adds the possibility to connect your bike to a fixed object like a streetlamp or fence. This gives extra safety, is easy and quickly done and works without a key as well.


Forgot your smartphone or it ran out of battery?

No problem, you will still be able to use your bike. For this situation we invented the emergency opening so you don't have to let your bike behind.

I LOCK IT can easily be opened with your personal 6-digit security code so you don't have to walk home. Just use the button on the lock to enter the code.


You want to share I LOCK IT with your family or friends?

We already thought about that and made sharing easier then ever.

The I LOCK IT app allows you to generate and share a new color code. This code can be used to open the I LOCK IT by anyone who knows the code. As long as you keep the code active, family and friends can use your bike. Simply deactivate or change the code and the bike is all yours again.


I LOCK IT includes an (interchangeable) battery pack which offers enough power for a whole bike season. If the battery is running low, the I LOCK IT app and I LOCK IT itself will notify you about the low battery level.

Charging I LOCK IT is as simple as charging a smartphone. Just connect any Powerbank to the micro-USB port and I LOCK IT will start charging.


We wanted to ensure that I LOCK IT can handle extreme weather situations. For this we checked the conditions of a bike lock very carefully and optimized I LOCK IT for all possibilities.

Thanks to high quality materials, a smart design and a special coating on the electronic components, I LOCK IT can stand rain, wind, snow and heat without any problems.


To offer you the highes comfort, we are constantly developing I LOCK IT.

Softwareupdates provide you with the newest features of your I LOCK IT. In combination with the I LOCK IT app, You will have a variety of settings to personalize your I LOCK IT to your needs.

Get the I LOCK IT app on Google Play or App Store.


  • Size: 160mm × 148mm × 27mm
  • Weight: approx. 350g
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Minimum system requirement: Android devices with Android 4.4 and iOS devices starting at iPhone 4S
  • Connectors: Micro-USB charging port

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