I LOCK IT for business

OEM Partners

With I LOCK IT we connected the bike lock to the digital world, to offer more security and comfort. For bike manufacturers, we offer an OEM version of I LOCK IT which can be easily implemented into your product portfolio. I LOCK IT gives your bikes and e-bikes a competitive advantage and helps to increase the satisfaction of your customers.

Additional to the OEM version we also offer to customize I LOCK IT  to your needs, so it exactly fits your brand and company philosophy. For more information please get in touch with us at oem@ilockit.bike or call us at +49 3381 3283 078.

Retail Partners

While I LOCK IT is still in development we are already starting to build a strong sales network for I LOCK IT. If you are interested in selling I LOCK IT please get in touch with us at retail@ilockit.bike.

Bike Sharing

I LOCK IT allows the easy and convenient sharing of any bike and is perfect for bike sharing in companies, communities, universities or anywhere else. If you are setting up a bike-sharing system and you would like to get more information or you have any questions about I LOCK IT please get in touch with us at info@ilockit.bike.