The team behind I LOCK IT


I LOCK IT is developed by a young start-up called haveltec. The haveltec team already has several years of experience in designing and developing products and brings this knowledge now together to bring I LOCK IT into the market.

How it all began

In 2013 the founders of haveltec, Christian Anuth and Markus Weintraut were both studying for a masters degree at university. While on campus they used their bikes for everything from going to their classes, to the cafeteria, to their dorm room or for a ride to the city. They enjoyed bike riding but were always annoyed with having to use a bulky bike lock, even if the stop was just for a quick run into the supermarket.

That’s when they started to develop ideas on how to change this. While finishing their masters degree they developed a locking concept for a bike lock which is practical and secure at the same time. In September 2014 they finished the concept for I LOCK IT as well as their degrees at university. From this point on they started working full time on the development of I LOCK IT.

Since then many prototypes have been built and many improvements were made. But not only did they manage to improve I LOCK IT, they also grew the company and found enthusiastic team members to help with the development and marketing of I LOCK IT.